Dmitrii Molev is an artist and a photographer who came from the Nizhnij Novgorod in Russia. He had studied architecture and design and now he is living in Warsaw.
His main area of expertise is the subjective documentary. This kind of photography makes available to talk about complicated things.
Dmitrii had fascinated by people traces and a lifestyle, their stories, locations, their historical relationships, showing fragments of everyday reality is a way to create a connection between these fragments and a way to understand the big picture with highlighting stories in it.


2021-09 # Exhibition‚ ‘The year of the restless sun’, Museum of Art Books, Łódź
2021-05 # Exhibition‚ Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme 2019/2020, Warsaw
2018-09 # Exhibition‚ Studium ZPAF 2017/2018, Gallery ZPAF, Warsaw
2017-07 # Exhibition‚ Studium ZPAF 2016/2017, Gallery ZPAF, Warsaw
2017-05 # Exhibition‚ Academy of Photography, program MFK, Krakow
2016-11 # Exhibition‚ AF 2015/2016’, Gallery officyna art & design, Warsaw
2016-05 # Diploma Fine Art Photography, Commercial Photography Studium Akademia Fotografii, Warsaw
2016-05 # Exhibition ‚Crisis? What is the crisis?, program MFK, Gallery Pasaz, Krakow
2014-05 # Exhibition ‚Photo Annual Awards’, Wall Gallery, Teplice
2013-06 # Exhibition ‚FLASHBACK13’, House of Architects, Nizhny Novgorod